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written on 11-16-00 at 6:08 PM

It's hard to type with cold fingers.

It's been snowing even More today.

So...I had this nightmare about Patrick last night. Actually, it wasn't *about* Patrick, but he was in it. It wasn't scary, but it was devastating.

I woke up a lot this morning, because the fucking phone kept ringing, and I keep it right next to my head.

I don't have to pick Heather up tonight. Um, her whole family is flying in today. Her grandmother is in the hospital. She will probably die. This means another funeral. And I'm fucking sick of death, okay? Sick of it.

But, out of the blue, guess who called? Guess. Ivy. That's right. Former crushgirl, Ivy. She was sluffing school today and wanted to say hey, since we haven't really talked since June. So we yacked a little and caught up. She wants to go out next week some time. We probably would be this weekend, but I might see John tomorrow and I'm going dancing with Melinda on Saturday. And I've got to see Heather sometime, that is, if her grandmother doesn't die.

So when Danny came home from school, I told him he had to come to Barnes with me. I read the new City Weekly and wrote some shit in Hebrew. I drew some lovely stuff. And I got checked out hardcore by some brooding guy who was hanging out with The World's Tallest Leprechaun (aka Lep). He didn't just glance now and again. He *stared* at me.

This makes Michael jealous.

Michael (6:10:16 PM): see anyone cute?:-)
Sarah (6:10:34 PM): lol..well...
Sarah (6:10:39 PM): hehe
Michael (6:10:40 PM): ???

Michael (6:12:41 PM): well its just that most times you go to barnes you go to get looks or give looks or whatever. lol
Michael (6:12:48 PM): historically
Sarah (6:12:58 PM): says who?
Sarah (6:13:23 PM): that's not *why* i go, silly. i can't help if someone looks at me.
Michael (6:13:25 PM): says your diary
Michael (6:13:34 PM): lol i know
Sarah (6:13:38 PM): :-)
Michael (6:13:55 PM): im not allowed to be jealous now?:-)
Sarah (6:14:08 PM): lol okay. you can be jealous

So yeah. Eventually brooding boy left. Then the only thing out of the ordinary was knowing that Lep was drawing me. That was kinda weird. I've never had anyone *draw* me before. I've been drawn on (ahem Patrick). But yeah. It was kinda flattering.

Okay. A lot flattering.

Came home in time for The Simpsons (a half an hour ago).

This is all.

I am now going to tell Michael I'll yack with him later since he's just playing NOLF anyway. I need foooood. And to call Melinda back. And find out what is going on with Heather/Grandmother Chugg.

Love you, kids.

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